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This is more than the story of Mesilla Valley BBQ. Home of some of the best Ribs, Brisket, Pulled Pork, Barbecued Chicken, custom made sausages and roast beef. This the story of a talented and hungry chef. He loved to cook everything and was intrigued by all cuisines. He dabbled in various styles ranging from Continental to Chinese, Mediterranean to Mexican, Italian and French to Infused and Fried. They all offered some unique skills and flavors, but it all fell short of his true passion, BBQ.  Yes the oldest style of cooking, deep with it’s history, amazed our chef. Was it the fact that it was so primal, requiring minimal ingredients, or was it that a cooking method, thousands of years old, was still mystifying chefs of all kinds? Its simple. Meat cooked over an open flame. We’ve all done that, right? Well, BBQ is not flipping burgers on the back yard grill. BBQ is the method of cooking large pieces of meat at low temperatures with hardwoods like pecan, apple and mesquite, to flavor the meat in ways most people dream of and others can only imagine. As much as BBQ is an art brought forth in the regional styles that use various seasoning, proteins and sauces, it is also a science that requires specific knowledge of physical and chemical reactions like collagen breakdown and the Maillard effect. Good BBQ is easy and anyone with a little patience and the right ingredients can do it. Its great BBQ that separates a true pitmaster from the weekend grillers.

Our Pitmaster, Chef Pete has been mastering the art and science of BBQ for the last twenty years while operating some of the finest restaurants and kitchens west of the Mississippi. In that time he has competed on the BBQ circuit winning numerous awards and learned more about regional variances and has compiled his favorite styles with the flavors of the numerous chile varieties he fell in love with when first arriving in Southern New Mexico two years ago. He decided to combine those flavors and spices with his unique BBQ that will sure be a treat for those who try. Imagine Carolina Pulled Pork with that thin vinegar style sauce and seasoned with Red and Green Chiles. What about traditional Texas Brisket, as pure as can be with a hint of chile in the bark, or maybe you like your dry-rub Memphis style ribs with a tangy sauce added with just that right kick. With four sauces and even more rubs, you’ll find the flavors of Mesilla Valley BBQ pleasing your taste buds in many, many ways.

Well one day, after a round of golf, our pitmaster’s friends were discussing BBQ and where to go and most were in consensus to go El Paso.  Our pitmaster was shocked but a spark went off in his head. What if Las Crucens didn’t have to travel 40 miles for authentic southern BBQ? Could the trend be reversed and have Texans come to Las Cruces for great BBQ? The objective was set and plans were made and seven months later, Mesilla Valley BBQ opened its doors, ready to feed Las Cruces and the world.

So if your ready for some tender, smoked, delectable and authentic Southern BBQ, come on in to Mesilla Valley BBQ Company.  The smokers are always working.

Mesilla Valley BBQ Company

1340 East Lohman Avenue - Las Cruces, NM  88001

(575) 449-4590